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Trading involves risk. Do your own research.Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. All new users undergo a quick, 5-minute onboarding process after registration.

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Bring your trading experience to the next level with CEX.IO Spot Trading

Advanced orders

Go in and out of markets on your terms, with Stop Limit and other conditional orders

Advanced orders

Deep liquidity

Based on CEX.IO Prime, our liquidity lets you trade with minimal slippage

Deep liquidity

Advanced trading instruments

Analyse price trends with trading indicators and charting tools

Advanced trading instruments
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Trading involves risk. Do your own research.

Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.

Why is the CEX.IO Spot Trading the right place for trading?


Smooth UX

Get up to speed fast, and perform higher, with an easy-to-use trading terminal

Easy account top up

Instantly fund your strategy by transferring funds from your CEX.IO wallet

Multiple markets

Access the majority of the crypto universe with a large list of available markets

Tight spreads

Optimise your trading costs with narrow spreads on all available markets
Start trading now

Trading involves risk. Do your own research.

Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.

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Your All-In-One Bitcoin & Crypto Trading App

The CEX.IO mobile app empowers you to buy, sell, earn, and exchange crypto the way YOU like. On your terms, and at your leisure.
Your All-In-One Bitcoin & Crypto Trading App

Why use the CEX.IO API?

Your All-In-One Bitcoin & Crypto Trading App


What is a crypto trading platform, and how does it work?

A crypto trading platform is a digital marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies. These platforms provide users with access to digital markets, where customers can exchange preferred assets for fiat and crypto at the prevailing market prices.

The most popular type of crypto trading platform is a cryptocurrency exchange. Essentially, crypto exchanges act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, helping them to match their orders.

What do I consider looking at when choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform?

When trying to find the best platform for crypto trading, users typically pay attention to the following factors:

  • Security — Make sure that a crypto exchange has a strong security system, and provides users with advanced techniques to keep their funds safe. For instance, CEX.IO Spot Trading features multiple-layer security measures, including two-factor authentication (2FA), and stores nearly 100% of user funds in cold wallets.
  • Reputation — Consider reading reviews from other people about a crypto exchange, and dive into its history. Spot Trading is powered by CEX.IO, an ecosystem of crypto services with an over nine-year history, and established products for both crypto serious and crypto curious.
  • Availability — Before joining a crypto trading platform, double-check that it is available in your region. CEX.IO provides its services in 99% of countries, and serves over six million users worldwide. Check countries where Spot Trading is available here.
  • Liquidity — Explore the platform’s liquidity to ensure that you can quickly buy or sell your crypto, with low spreads. Spot Trading is based on CEX.IO’s institutional arm, Prime, empowering users to take advantage of deep liquidity, and trade crypto with minimal slippage.
  • Range of coins — Make certain that a crypto platform supports cryptocurrencies you want to buy, sell, or trade. Spot Trading features a wide array of crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currency pairs, offering traders a one-stop shop to explore crypto markets.
  • Trading features — Ensure that a trading platform features trading instruments that suit your strategy. With Spot Trading, users can take advantage of advanced trading tools, including stop orders and sub-accounts, packed in a straightforward interface.
  • Fiat on/-off-ramps — Discover what funding methods the platform supports to find the way to go in and out of crypto on your own terms. You can add funds to your CEX.IO account using a variety of funding methods such as Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards, Google/Apple Pay, international and domestic bank transfers (not available in the U.S.), online wallets, etc. Check the list of supported payment methods here.

What is deep liquidity?

Deep liquidity refers to a financial market with a large volume of orders for buying and selling assets such as cryptocurrencies. Markets with deep liquidity typically have a high degree of activity, which allows traders to perform transactions relatively fast and cost-efficiently.

If the liquidity is deep, this makes it easier for traders to enter, or exit, the market without causing significant price fluctuations. In addition, market participants may potentially avoid price slippages for their orders, and take advantage of narrow spreads to optimize trading costs.

On the other hand, illiquid markets have fewer buyers and sellers, which could lead to larger price swings, higher transaction costs, and significant slippage.

Thus, deep liquidity is an essential characteristic of an efficient market that could provide traders with preferred market conditions to explore price movements.

How to open a crypto trading account on CEX.IO Spot Trading?

If you don’t have a CEX.IO account, you first need to sign in to the platform, and spend less than five minutes completing the verification process. Once verified, go to Spot Trading, and there you will find your “main account” on the platform. Users don’t need to take extra steps to create a separate crypto trading account on Spot Trading. Customers can start trading crypto just by allocating funds to their account on Spot Trading.

However, Spot Trading also features up to five sub-accounts. With them, you can potentially improve your risk management, and better organize your finances. Here are some basic strategies to use sub-accounts.

To manage your sub-accounts on Spot Trading, and create a new one, go to the Settings page. After that you just need to:

  • Choose Trading Sub-accounts option
  • Click the Create Sub-account button
  • Define the account name
  • Confirm the operation

Transactions between sub-accounts are instant and free of charge. Find more details about managing sub-accounts here.

How to start trading crypto on Spot Trading?

Depositing funds

Before starting trading cryptocurrencies, make sure that you funded your main account, or preferred sub-account, on Spot Trading. You can do this on the Trade page if you don’t want to leave the terminal, or on the Finances page. Below, there is an example of funding an account when inside a trading terminal:

  1. Click the Add funds button near the buying power field on the left side of the Trade page.
  2. Select the asset you want to deposit, and define your deposit type. Transactions between sub-accounts, as well as from CEX.IO balance to Spot Trading, are instant and free of charge.
  3. Choose what trading account you want to fund, and enter your amount.
  4. Click Deposit to confirm the transaction.

Check this guide for more details about adding funds to your Spot Trading account.

Trading crypto

After depositing funds, take the following steps on the Trade page to exchange crypto:

  1. Select a market using a currency pair selector on the left side of the trading terminal.
  2. Set new order parameters, including details on whether you want to buy or sell an asset, order type, trade amount, and other order specifications. The latter depends on what order type you selected.
  3. Click the confirmation button below the order details to move it to the order book, where the trade will be executed.

Learn more about the trading terminal, and how to use it to trade crypto in this guide.

Withdrawing funds

If you want to transfer funds out of the Spot Trading account after completing your trades, click the Withdraw button on the Finances page next to the relevant account/sub-account. After that, you just need to:

  1. Define your withdrawal type. For instance, sending funds to CEX.IO Wallet.
  2. Choose the asset, and the amount, you want to withdraw.
  3. Confirm the operation by clicking the Withdraw button.

Here is a step-by-step guide if you need more information about withdrawing funds from Spot Trading.

What order types are supported on Spot Trading?

CEX.IO Spot Trading features Market, Limit, and Stop Limit orders.

  • Market orders enable you to buy/sell an asset at the best available price in the order book, with instant execution. Check how to place a market order here.
  • Limit orders let you set the price to buy/sell an asset. They are executed once the market price reaches a specified level. Find more details about Limit orders on Spot Trading here.
  • Stop Limit orders execute at a specific level, or better, after a given stop price has been reached. More information about Stop Limit orders can be found in this guide.

Plus, you can set additional conditions for the orders such as Good Till Cancel (GTC), Good Till Date (GTD), and Immediate or Cancel (IOC) to customize your trades. GTC is set by default for Limit and Stop Limit orders.

Where do I check exchange rates on Spot Trading?

On the left side of the trading terminal, you can find a currency pair selector, which allows you to choose a market available on Spot Trading. This field is located between the account menu and the buying power field. By default, either BTC/USD, or the last selected pair, is automatically displayed.

After choosing a preferred currency pair, you will be able to see a price chart on the right side of the trading terminal that displays the currency price, and historical market data. Above the chart, there are “Best Bid” and “Best Ask” fields, allowing you to check the best available exchange rates for the selected market.

To explore the market liquidity, pay a closer look at the order book section. The order book represents a list of relevant orders, which changes dynamically depending on the current market situation. By default, the asset and cumulative amounts are shown in relation to each price level of ask/bid parts of the order book, complemented by the spread values. If necessary, you can customize the order book, or change the price precision, to view deeper price levels on the preferred order book side.