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Bring your trading experience to the next level with CEX.IO Spot Trading

Advanced orders

Go in and out of markets on your

terms, with Stop and other

conditional orders

Multiple sub accounts

Control your strategies

with separate trading sub


Tight spreads

Optimise your trading costs

with narrow spreads on all

available markets

Why is the CEX.IO Spot Trading the right place for trading?

Deep liquidity

Based on CEX.IO Prime, our

liquidity lets you trade with

minimal slippage

Multiple markets

Access the majority of the

crypto universe with a large list

of available markets

Smooth UX

Get up to speed fast, and perform

higher, with an easy-to-use trading


Advanced charting

Analyse price trends with

trading indicators and

charting tools

Easy account top up

Instantly fund your strategy by

transferring funds from your

CEX.IO wallet