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Bitcoin Cash - a Currency to Be Traded

Bitcoin Cash is a currency that appeared after the Segregated Witness hard fork in August 2017. The supporters of the created currency aimed at increasing the efficiency of Bitcoin blockchain. So, they intended to design the coin with larger block size to address the issue of scalability that was becoming more painful for Bitcoin. After the launch in August 2017, the newly appeared cryptocurrency swiftly entered the market and took a stable position as the fourth largest cryptocurrency by the market cap (as for February 20). And after the new coin had appeared on the market, one often faced the question how to buy Bitcoin Cash and where one can get this coin. Among the exchanges, one of the first to support the forked coin was CEX.IO Spot Trading.

So, Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash?

The best place to buy Bitcoin Cash are the online cryptocurrency exchanges that offer such an option. And being one of the first platforms to support BCH, CEX.IO Spot Trading may also be regarded as one of the most reliable exchanges that offers BCH to BTC operations as well as trading the coin for Euro, American Dollar, and Pounds. The variability of options for making a purchase is the number one reason as for why CEX.IO Spot Trading is the best answer to the question of where to buy Bitcoin Cash. First, BCH, which also may referred by many users as “BTC cash” can be purchased instantly via the bundles. In this case, based on the Fill-or-Kill orders, the users gain a chance to buy not less than the agreed amount of currency under the market conditions actual for the moment of purchase. The system fills the order completely and at the very moment the customer confirms it. It is easy and ABC. Secondly, the users may place a market order, and it will be completed under the best market conditions. The price will be calculated starting from the lowest price offered in the order book and to a higher one until the sum you wanted to spend for the purchase is completely spent. This option allows to purchase BCH under the most favorable market conditions. Ultimately, you can also place a limit order. In this case, you indicate a specific price at which the order should be completed. In this case, exchanging Cash to BTC (Cash may be often used as a short for Bitcoin Cash) will happen under the exact conditions you requested (if they occur). At the same time, with CEX.IO Spot Trading, it is easy to track the situation and to get an idea about when is the best moment for a purchase.

Using BCH Chart for Successful Experience on CEX.IO Spot Trading

When trading cryptocurrencies, it is very important to choose an appropriate moment to get the highest benefits. On CEX.IO Spot Trading, it is easy to track all the changes and shifts. And while making it by observing an order book may be complicated, users can easily find all the relevant information on the BCH chart. The Japan candle chart offered the users by the service reflects all the changes in the price. The green candles mean growth of the market and prices increase, while the red ones indicate price falls. In addition, the Market Depth chart also facilitates the understanding of the market movements. Analyzing both charts, the users gain a chance to make predictions and choose the moment when they can make a beneficial purchase. With all this in mind, CEX.IO Spot Trading is the service that allows for simple BCH trading experience. Try it to learn all the benefits on your own.