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BCH to GBP Exchange Platform for Beginners and Professionals

Among the numerous online exchanges whose activities are directed at converting BCH to GBP, CEX.IO Spot Trading is the one that offers opportunities both for professionals and beginners. On the one hand, users of CEX.IO Spot Trading can enjoy simplicity of the operations and the user-friendly interface. Website navigation is rather clear and straightforward, so a new user will always be able to find what is necessary.

One of the features that is widely used by CEX.IO Spot Trading users is a unique opportunity to buy crypto instantly using only several simple steps. One can buy any crypto available on the platform and pay with any fiat money. Among the services, CEX.IO Spot Trading offers an especially convenient option of instant card payments while buying crypto. You just need to have your card verified. Then, when making a purchase, you

  • choose paying with a card;
  • input the CVV code;
  • and confirm the payment.

After those simple steps, you will receive the purchased cryptocurrency on your CEX.IO Spot Trading account or on your external wallet. It is just as simple as any other online purchase, and everyone is able to buy crypto in such a way.

Convert Bitcoin Cash to GBP and Conversely with Ease

Besides the super simple instant purchase option, CEX.IO Spot Trading also offers more advanced trading opportunities for experienced users. If you would like to try trading and applying any trading strategies, you will enjoy the opportunity to place market or limit orders on the exchange. While market orders will be filled at the best rate, limit orders allow you to control the price for order execution. So, to convert Bitcoin Cash to GBP at the price you would like to, you have a chance to:

  • place a limit order;
  • indicate the price acceptable for the purchase;
  • wait till the market rate reaches the desired point and the order is filled.

Using the limit order, you will be able to get exactly what you want under the conditions you want. Still, please note here that the order may not be filled for a long time, considering that the desired price may never reach the set limit rate. It means that you have to be sure that the desired price will be reached.

Using market and limit orders on the platform is profitable and convenient for the users who are ready to spend more than 5 minutes to get the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Trading BCH to GBP for Experienced Users

In addition to the options for trading that can be used by average users, CEX.IO Spot Trading also offers advanced trading options for users with large-volume trading needs. The service offers 3 API alternatives: REST API, WebSocket API, and FIX API for any pair, including BCH-GBP. REST API is the basic option offering opportunities for automated trading and fast access to the CEX.IO Spot Trading market. WebSocket API provides more opportunities considering the availability of push notifications that appear on screen once the market situation changes. Additionally, for institutional traders, CEX.IO Spot Trading offers a specifically developed FIX API to connect trading systems with the sources of liquidity.

With all of the services available on CEX.IO Spot Trading for trading and crypto purchase, the users of CEX.IO Spot Trading are able to choose what fits them best.