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Monitor ETH to EUR price in real-time with CEX.IO Spot Trading live chart

At CEX.IO Spot Trading, each currency pair has its live chart where you can track the price movement in a specified time frame. This chart provides a lot of useful information about the selected market — the last price, price history, trading volume, etc. So if you want to trade ETH/EUR, a live chart will be helpful to analyze the current market situation and recent shifts in Ether to EUR exchange rate.

In addition to the price chart, you can also check the market depth graph that simplifies analyzing the order book and current market sentiment. With this data, it is easier for traders to make well-informed decisions and spot the best moments to buy or sell ETH for EUR.

In case you want to check the value of other digital assets, you can find the current cryptocurrency prices in one place on the CEX.IO Spot Trading. Easily find 24h price change for all the coins and tokens available at CEX.IO Spot Trading and quickly access the market that interests you most.

Where to buy ETH with EUR using a payment card or bank transfer?

Ether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, meaning it is quite easy to find a bitcoin exchange platform where it’s possible to purchase or trade other crypto, like ETH. However, not all crypto exchanges support fiat payments and provide the ability to buy ETH using a payment card or bank transfer. So, before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, make sure it is available in your country and meets your requirements in terms of payment options. And don’t forget to check the current price of ETH in EUR or other fiats you’re going to use for payment.

CEX.IO Spot Trading is a global crypto exchange that supports dozens of crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto pairs for trade. With CEX.IO Spot Trading, you can trade Ethereum in pairs with major cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens, and fiat currencies. In terms of crypto-to-fiat pairs, you can trade ETH to USD, ETH to GBP, and exchange ETH to EUR.

Besides, you can use multiple methods to replenish your CEX.IO Spot Trading balance and buy Ethereum. In general, CEX.IO Spot Trading supports numerous fiat (USD, EUR, and GBP) and crypto deposit options.

If you want to deposit or withdraw Euro, then you can use:

  • Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards;
  • International bank transfer (SWIFT);
  • Domestic bank transfer (SEPA);
  • Skrill;
  • AdvCash.

Each payment option has its limits, fees, and requirements, so you can easily find what suits you most, depending on the sum you want to send.

How to convert Ether to Euro on CEX.IO?

On CEX.IO Spot Trading, there are several services that you can use to convert Ethereum to EUR:

  • Instant Buy/Sell;
  • Exchange;
  • Trade.

Instant Buy/Sell service allows you to buy bitcoin instantly or get many other cryptocurrencies in minutes by using your payment card or CEX.IO balance. You can use it to buy Ethereum (ETH) as well. If you want to use this service to buy Ethereum instantly, then you need to select it in the dropdown menu of cryptocurrencies presented on the platform and choose what fiat currency to use for payment, for example, Euro. After that, use one of the pre-calculated packs or enter the amount of crypto you want to buy in the last bundle. Then just choose between a linked card and your CEX.IO balance to confirm the transaction. Alternatively, you can use a card that is not connected to your account yet — just enter the number and expiration date of it.

The whole process takes a few minutes, making it simple to buy 1 ETH to EUR or just a small fraction of this crypto. The same applies to the Instant Sell option that is available in the CEX.IO mobile app. The only difference is that you sell crypto, get hard cash and withdraw it to your payment card.

One more unique feature of the CEX.IO app is the Exchange service that allows you to convert one currency to another, from ETH to Euros as well. You just need to select currencies you want to exchange and it will be swapped in a few clicks. The Exchange feature is especially useful if there are no direct exchange pairs for trade. In this case, it uses an intermediary currency for conversion.

The spot trading options are available both via the web and in the app. It is a Trade page (web) and Trade Pro tab(mobile) that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in different pairs by placing market and limit orders.

How to trade ETH/EUR?

Before you start trading ETH/EUR, you need to add funds to your balance. After that, select ETH/EUR in the list of available markets on the Trade page.

There are two order types available for trading — market and limit. With a market order, you can buy or sell crypto immediately for the best price available in the order book. Taking into account the immediate execution of the market order, it is irreversible. A limit order allows you to set the price you want to buy or sell with and can be canceled but order execution may not be instant. Limit order executes when the market price reaches a predetermined level or there is an opposite order in the order book.

A limit order can also be partially executed if there are not enough opposite orders for a matching price. In this case, the already executed part of the order cannot be reversed, while the active one can be canceled.

We’re welcome you to try CEX.IO options for trading ETH/EUR market and find the one that suits your trading goals best.