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Why is it useful to check BTC to EUR price while trading?

Before starting trading cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to watch the price charts, trying to figure out the potential results of your transactions. The price of digital assets is constantly changing, showing volatility from a few percent to dozens of percent in a day. It opens many opportunities for earning with crypto by trading then and speculating on price differences over time.

Monitoring the price chart is helpful when you want to find the right moment to buy or sell Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Now, let’s find out how to find the place where you can check BTC in EUR exchange rate and implement your trading ideas and strategies. CEX.IO Spot Trading platform can be a good option for it.

With CEX.IO Spot Trading, you can check the price chart and trade cryptocurrencies on one page. The current market rate on the BTC-EUR graph describes the value of 1 BTC to EUR at the moment. You can choose different time frames to see how the price changed for a specific period of time. So that in addition to the current rate, you can also check the price history. There is a lot of other useful information like trading volume, daily price change, market depth, order book, etc on the same page.

The live price charts like the one that is on this page are convenient if you need to analyze market sentiments and recent price trends. Such analysis helps traders to understand previous events and evaluate the potential price movement in the short and long term.

Below the price chart, you can see a market depth graph. It is a visual representation of the order book that makes it easier to analyze the traders’ activity on the specific market. Traders usually check all these indicators to make well-informed decisions and find the best moments to buy or sell crypto.

If you want to see the prices of all crypto available on CEX.IO Spot Trading, you can use the crypto prices live page. You can find there the current prices of all digital tokens and coins presented on CEX.IO Spot Trading, their 24-hour price change, current market capitalization, and get access to the crypto market you’re interested in.

Where to buy BTC with EUR and other fiat currencies?

When talking about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) is the first one that comes to mind. It was the first and currently is the most popular virtual currency. No wonder many newcomers make their first steps in cryptocurrency trading by buying some BTC.

You can get Bitcoin (BTC) on many different platforms by paying with cryptocurrency or fiat money. One of the easiest ways to obtain some fraction of Bitcoins is to find a reliable and regulated cryptocurrency exchange to buy it. But before choosing a crypto exchange, you need to make sure that your country has no restrictions regarding crypto-reported activity and you can use different payment options to buy Bitcoin.

CEX.IO Spot Trading is an ecosystem of crypto services you can access from more than 170 countries. There are a lot of BTC markets available on CEX.IO Spot Trading — you can trade BTC both in a pair with altcoins and fiat currencies. In terms of crypto-to-fiat pairs, you can trade BTC to EUR, BTC to GBP, and exchange BTC to USD.

Whether you are interested in day trading or holding BTC for a long time, CEX.IO Spot Trading would be a great choice.

How to get started?

First of all, you need to register an account that can be done in a few simple steps. Also, be ready to pass Identity verification to start buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.

The list of available payment methods and cryptocurrencies, as well as account deposit and withdrawals limits, depends on your verification level and place of residence. There are several verification stages on CEX.IO Spot Trading and you can choose what suits you most to get the best crypto trading experience. However, passing the first one, Identity verification, is a must for every customer due to international regulations.

What payment options are available to buy Bitcoin?

If you want to exchange BTC to EUR, then at first you need to add funds to your CEX.IO Spot Trading balance. It is possible to do that by using several payment options that you can get access to after passing verification.

In the case of depositing and withdrawing Euro, it is possible to use Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, international (SWIFT) and domestic (SEPA) bank transfers, Skrill, and AdvCash.

Don’t forget to check the limits and commission for the payment method you consider using for deposit or withdrawal. Besides, each option has its requirements you get acquitted with on our Help Centre.

Instant Buy is a convenient way to buy BTC instantly with your Visa or Mastercard payment card. Select BTC in the dropdown menu of cryptocurrencies and choose Euro in the fiat currency field. Then just choose the amount you want to buy or use one of the pre-calculated packs. You can link a new card or use an already verified one to confirm the transaction.

If you deposited funds in advance, you can also use your CEX.IO Spot Trading balance to get Bitcoins, buy Ethereum instantly or become an owner of many other digital assets.

How to convert Bitcoin to Euros in the CEX.IO mobile app?

On CEX.IO Spot Trading, there are several services you can use to convert Bitcoins to EUR:

  • Spot Trading
  • Instant Sell
  • Trade Pro

If you are a CEX.IO app user, you can also use the Exchange feature to convert one currency into another. Just choose what currencies you want to exchange, for example, from BTC to Euros, and it will be swapped in a few seconds. It can be useful if you want to withdraw some funds to your card issued in euros.

The Instant Sell option in the app works in the same way as the Instant Buy service, but for selling crypto. With help of this feature, you can get fiat money in a few taps and withdraw it to your linked payment card. A lot of users choose Instant Buy/Sell service due to its time efficiency since the whole process takes a few minutes.

Also, you can trade cryptocurrencies via the Trade Pro in the app with spot trading instruments — limit and market orders. To start trading, you just need to select one of over 200 currency pairs. Keep in mind that you should have some funds on your CEX.IO Spot Trading account to be able to place trading orders.

How to trade BTC/EUR pair?

First of all, find the BTC/EUR currency pair in the list of available markets to see the price chart and place your trading orders. Below the price chart, you can find the field where you can set up your order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. There are two types of them on CEX.IO Spot Trading — market and limit.

Market order

A market order is used when you want to buy or sell crypto for the best available price currently available in the order book. Its execution is instant, so this type of order can’t be canceled.

Limit order

With a limit order, you can set up the price you want to buy or sell with but order execution may not be instant. The market price should reach the specified level or there should be opposite orders in the order book to fulfill your limit order. If there are not enough opposite orders that match the price, your limit order can be partially executed.

Try different services and payment options on CEX.IO Spot Trading to find the way that suits you most to get the best BTC/EUR trading experience.

Making money with crypto on CEX.IO Spot Trading

Trading is not the only instrument you can use to earn with cryptocurrencies. CEX.IO customers can also participate in Staking, open a Savings account, or join our affiliate program.

Staking crypto with CEX.IO

CEX.IO made it easier to engage in the crypto economy and simplified the staking processes for customers. You don’t need to deal with technical details, find a reliable platform and join a node — just open the CEX.IO account and replenish your balance with one of the stake-able crypto. Once coins or tokens are on your balance, they start working for you. What’s more, you can trade or withdraw them as soon as you want, the platform doesn’t lock your funds.

Why open a crypto savings account on CEX.IO?

The crypto savings account best suits those who plan to hold crypto for the long term waiting for a better price in the future. When you transfer your holdings to the savings account, you start earning interest. The best part is that you can send funds back to your CEX.IO account for trading or withdrawing them.

Become a CEX.IO affiliate

You can use your personal referral link to invite people to trade on CEX.IO and earn 30% on their transactions’ fees. If you have a blog or website, you can also use our banners and landing pages to attract more customers and multiply your earnings.