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BTC to GBP price on a live chart

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more widely used all over the world. In the hope to get profit, many people purchase Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, etc, and waiting for the price spike. How do they decide which virtual currency to buy and when? For instance, when discovering BTC in GBP exchange rate, how do they know the current price if favorable? Read on to get to know what a live chart is, how to choose a reputable crypto exchange and which benefits can digital currencies bring to you.

Where to buy BTC with GBP and other fiats?

To buy any virtual currency easily and without losing your funds, search for a robust crypto exchange. Pay attention to the following important aspects when selecting a crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin (BTC) or exchange BTC to GBP and other fiats like dollar or euro.

  • Certificates of authenticity. Make certain that the crypto exchange you choose offers site security certificates such as SSL encryption;
  • Ensure the safety of your profile. If the platform requires you to go through the KYC procedure (verify your identity), it indicates they are focused on protecting your transactions from fraud;
  • Dependability. The exchange is well-known among users and has received numerous excellent feedbacks.

The CEX.IO platform is one of the exchanges that meet all of the above criteria and allows you to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and many other digital currencies easily and securely. It provides a variety of services such as selling, buying, and trading virtual currencies on the spot market, among other things. With a staking program, crypto savings, crypto-backed loans, and margin trading platforms, you can multiply your earnings. Not only the exchange meets the standards of security, but it also has a user-friendly interface and mobile app that allows you to keep up with market variations even when you`re on the go.

How to buy BTC instantly?

To buy BTC instantly by using your debit card or credit card, you can use a unique function at CEX.IO — Instant Buy service. But first, you need to register at the platform.

How to register a CEX.IO Account?

CEX.IO, as a legal platform, follows the standards and policies that require us to validate customers’ accounts and confirm their identity and residency. We should ensure that each account has a legal-age holder. Moreover, CEX.IO pursues AML/KYC procedures to prevent potential fraud.

Complete the quick registration to create a profile on CEX.IO. Enter your e-mail address, password, and country of residence. When you visit the platform next time, you’ll just need to log in with your credentials.

Purchasing Bitcoin via the CEX.IO website

  • Go to the Buy/Sell tab;
  • Choose BTC from the Buy list and the fiat money you want to buy it with (GBP, EUR, USD) from the For list;
  • The four Fill-or-Kill orders are shown below. These are the blocks with the most common price combinations. You can either insert a number of coins you need or choose the one with a pre-calculated amount. A counter on the screen is counting down the 120 seconds while the current market value is frozen;
  • Select the Buy option. Then, double-check to ensure all is accurate and agree to the Terms of Service;
  • Choose the linked credit or debit card from which you want to buy digital currency or add the new one.

In the same way, you can buy ETH instantly or get many other popular cryptocurrencies or tokens of emerging DeFi projects.

Identity verification

If you want to buy virtual currency at CEX.IO, you need to go through identity verification.

Verification process

To proceed with any crypto operations at CEX.IO, you should make your identity check. To do this, you will need to go through two steps.

The first one is declaring your country of residence. The second procedure is presenting a document that proves your identity.

If you filled the verification form attentively, your account will be verified in ten minutes or even less. On the Verification page, you can check the current application status. When you pass the Identity verification stage, you will be capable of making daily card deposits of up to $1,000, buy cryptocurrency directly with your credit or debit card, and place market and limit trade orders.

Address verification can begin immediately after you send your Identity verification request. This stage will give you increased limits (up to $30,000 monthly for card deposits and withdrawals) and access to bank transfers.

Possibilities of the verified account

After passing the Identity verification on CEX.IO, you’ll be able to:

  • Buy digital currency immediately with your debit/credit card;
  • Deposit up to $3,000 each day and withdraw up to $10,000 per day;
  • Proceed with an unlimited number of virtual currency deposits and withdrawals;
  • Use market/limit orders and API instruments to trade available cryptocurrencies;
  • Earn crypto by simply holding it on your account balance with CEX.IO Staking andSavings.

More information you can find on the Limits and Commissions page.

How to sell Bitcoin to pound sterling?

Using the CEX.IO app, you can convert Bitcoins to GBP in a few taps or sell BTC with little effort and in the quickest way possible. It is essential to underline that the prices of virtual currencies are constantly fluctuating. So that, the Instant Sell option allows you to sell coins at market prices while avoiding volatility: we fix the market cost for you for two minutes.

Simply follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Go to Sell in the Buy/Sell section;
  • Select one of three Instant Sell offers or enter the amount to be exchanged;
  • Choose the currency you want to receive after selling BTC;
  • Sell Bitcoin for cash (USD, GBP, EUR), and the funds will be transferred to the card associated with your CEX.IO account as soon as possible.

And remember, it’s crucial to analyze the price graph before making any procedures with digital currency. For instance, consult the BTC to GBP chart or use the BTC price calculator.

Bitcoin & crypto price calculator

At CEX.IO you can find many products and services, helping you to analyze the current market situation and catch a good moment for placing trades. One of them is a Bitcoin price calculator. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price calculator counts the exchange rate of virtual currencies listed on the CEX.IO exchange, including BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, etc. The prices are calculated according to the data shown on the Trade page (the current market price of every coin and token).

As this instrument is completely user-friendly, you can insert any amount of money and quickly convert it to crypto, and vice versa. You can also use the dropdown menu to observe prices for other cryptocurrencies in fiats and stablecoins (USDT, USDC) and other crypto.

BTC widget

Nowadays a lot of businesses, even non-digital ones, have a website to attract more customers and boost their activity. With this in mind, CEX.IO has elaborated a special widget, allowing the visitors of sites to monitor the exact BTC price at every moment. By using embed code, you can place a Bitcoin price widget on your website to attract crypto enthusiasts.

What you basically need to do is to opt for the currency pair from the drop-down menu (BTC/USD or BTC/EUR). Then, depending on the place you want to see the widget on your site, customize the size. Choose the style of the widget and observe the preview. If it caters to your taste and fits well to your site, copy the embed code that appears next to the preview icon. You can use this code in the HTML editor to make it appear on your site.

In such a way, your site visitors could always be up to date with the latest Bitcoin movements.

What are the transaction fees on CEX.IO?

When purchasing or selling cryptocurrency, be super attentive regarding the fees. At CEX.IO, we have a comprehensive list of supported payment methods as well as deposit/withdrawal commissions. However, your card provider may levy additional fees for international payments or quasi-cash operations. So better clarify this information before making transactions. You can find more detailed information in our Payment Cards guide.

How to convert Bitcoin to Pounds?

When you have some digital currencies in your wallet, you may get interested in how to convert them into hard cash, like from BTC to pounds, when the price seems favorable. Let’s have a look at how to study the crypto markets.

How to analyze the price chart?

There are multiple ways of analyzing price charts. When the value of BTC goes up, it may indicate that the virtual currency`s potential is rising. As a result, you may consider purchasing Bitcoin while the price is low. However, you should always include some other factors, like trading volume during the current shift or the recent news about the coin. The same indices may also signify that the market price will go down soon, so you need to carefully weigh the situation before making your decision.

The basis of price charts analysis

If you decide to purchase the digital assets, it is a reasonable choice to consult the price chart of the currency pair with which you intend to trade, like BTC/USD (BTC-USD). You can also discover currency fluctuations and determine the best time to sell or buy digital currencies by examining the crypto prices live charts. They show the value of crypto funds to fiats, for example, the price of 1 BTC to GBP.

Make technical analysis

To make some money with crypto, you should first fully comprehend how the market works. You can do this by studying price chart patterns that visually represent the market shifts. The patterns could be cues for your next steps, such as buying or selling crypto.

In any case, keep in mind that changes in the cryptocurrency market are uncontrollable, and you can never be completely certain of your predictions. Even the professionals have bad days.

Develop a strategy

To trade efficiently, you should understand technical analysis, as well as how to interpret price charts and patterns. Piece by piece, you will improve your skills, expertise and adopt various strategies to find the one that best suits your needs. Experienced traders usually notice the circumstances under which you took revenue and, more importantly — what caused them to lose. Consequently, in the future, you could invent your own method focused on a scenario at which you get higher profits and minimum losses.